Welcome to Flavours of our World.

What comes to mind when you think of ethnic food? Taste and aroma. No one can hold a candle to amazing seasoning like ethnic food. No scent can compare. When you know you’re about to indulge, your tongue salivates. It’s ingredients are the spice of life, the taste of culture, and the presentation of tradition. The heartbeat of ages passed in a main course, an appetizer, a dessert. Culture and history on a plate or in a bowl, and you find yourself lucky enough to partake and indulge, and with that new dish, to explore.

Our world is full of different flavours and tastes and food and art and people. In Canada we are fortunate to have become a safe haven for people from around the world. The opportunity for us to experience, share, enjoy and learn from one another has made us a truly great nation.

At one time to taste the exotic spices of India, the subtle spices from the Orient, the bold spices of Central America and the Caribbean, and the flavours of so many other countries and the different foods of the world you had to go to those countries and wander through the bazaars and markets and try local restaurants.

Now those foods and recipes are available in Canada. At Flavours of Our world we decided to put together a buffet like no other in the world. We have food from around the world… Afghanistan, Africa, Japan, India, Pakistan, Mexico, the Caribbean, Germany, Portugal, Canada, and many more. We have traditional foods, fusion foods, sweet food, spicy food, sour food, peppers, rice, pasta, grape leaves, breads, sweets, fruit, sausages, goat, chicken, beef, seafood, vegetables, cooked in many different ways.

Flavours of Our World is more than an unlimited menu of food, it is also an art show.
We have crafts and art from around the world created by artists from the Orient, the Arabian Countries, India, Pakistan, different African Countries, Central America, South America, Europe and Canada.
Flavours of Our World is a celebration of our differences and a sharing of our community. Bring your appetite and taste for adventure to Woodbridge Fairgrounds on June 23rd and 24th, 2018 and savour the Flavours of Our World.

Fun Zone

The Flavours of Our World festival has something for the whole family. In the fun zone you will see crafts, art, music, food, rides and games. Our goal is to introduce beauty, culture and fun from around the world.

Food like falafel, rice and peas, pakoura, hamburgers, piri piri, tacos, delicacies from the Orient, home grown organic produce, seafood, pasta, ice cream and cotton candy. We have something for everyone.

You will see and be able to buy art and crafts made by crafts people from Iran, Mexico, Ghana, India, Japan, China, Canada, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, the Caribbean, Native Americans and many other cultures.

Children will be able to enjoy the rides on the midway, play games and in select locations enjoy making crafts.


Sam Callahan

Sam Callahan. Samuel Mark "Sam" Callahan (born 10 May 1994) is an English singer/songwriter from Essex who came 6th place in Series 10 of The X Factor.

He was part of the Boys category, mentored by Louis Walsh and finished in 6th place, Sam's debut single 'Burns Like Fire' achieved a remarkable UK Top 100 placement towards the end of 2017, the single was released Independently and due to its success, Sam landed his first record deal in 2018 with fresh Independent British Record Label Mean Recordings.

His first single on the label will be released on the 11th of May 2018, which is hotly anticipated to be a massive success.


Canadian hip hop artist and producer, Luc "Luxe" Toews, commands a deep respect from fans and industry officials with his diverse flow styles and on-stage magnetism. Formerly a member of several Toronto-based musical projects, Luxe departed on a solo career in 2015 with the release of his debut EP Pipedream.

Online blogger, Christopher Ng called Luxe’s sophomore effort “quite impressive” and noted his striking abilities as a producer. Michael K of The Come Up Show remarked, “the energy and charisma that Luxe brings to his music is undeniably dope, and has a sound that no other emcee can emulate.” Luxe’s hit single from that album, "On", charted on multiple college radio stations across the country.

These achievements earned him supporting slots with high profile touring acts the likes of J.Cole, Tech N9ne, T.I., A$AP Mob, Royce da 5'9, Classified, Shad, and Down With Webster, as well as his own headlining tour in 2016. The last two years have seen significant effort towards studio production for a follow up project with release date set for 2018.

The Toronto-native has carved out a unique sound that is garnering attention as far and wide as Los Angeles, Barcelona and Tokyo. With support from fans across the globe, undeniable passion, and the skills to take his brand to the next level, Luxe is poised for an international career.

Sofia Blu

Sofia Blu sings about a small town with a big voice. Only 13 years old, she sings about her hometown, Collingwood, Ontario, and the special place it holds in her heart.

As a budding performer, she has the fresh and unfiltered perspective of a young girl, and she shares the memories of her hometown through the sounds that remind her of that place— the lapping of water on Georgian Bay and an axe splitting wood for a fire that family and friends will gather around in the evening to keep warm.

Her newly released single entitled “Small Town Heart”, a Pop ballad from the Canada Sound Project, is receiving positive from radio and the general public.

Brian Nhira

Brian Nhira, born and raised in the Midwest, with soaring vocals and unique range began singing when he was just four years old. He often recalls his first musical experience as his parents lovingly “pushing” him onto a stage at a small church in Oklahoma and telling him to sing “Jesus Love Me!” Shy with a bit of stage fright he faced his fears that day and hasn’t looked back.

It is such experiences and performances at over 500 events in 14 states and 4 countries that are molding Brian into the musician so many people have come to admire.

Ro Bradley

Ro Bradley is a 26 year old British/Australian record producer, television actor and entrepreneur born near London, England. After living in Hong Kong and the Philippines, Ro found his love for electronic dance music and music production. During his time filming the TV show; R’walk, Ro began to produce music working under the alias Ro Bradley.

Ro may very well become one of those recognizable electronic acts, a new type of headliner that will shake up the old guard with a more melodic sound. Dub his music style however you like, but there can be no denying that his sun-kissed style causes an obvious pivot in both EDM and the pop music’s sonic lexicon.


Your toes will tap, your fingers snap and you will want to dance to the beat of this Ontario band.

Fiddlestix puts on a high energy show that fuses the amazing call of the fiddle with the heart pounding pump of rock and roll. (Rumour has they are Canada’s ONLY Fiddle Rock Fusion band.)

Joshua Houeto

Joshua Houeto is an up-and- coming Christian Hip Hop Artist that resides in Mississauga, ON. At the age of 16 Joshua went to prison and while he was in juvenile detention, his cell mate (who was a rapper) was very insistent on teaching him how to rap. Although Joshua was very reluctant he eventually agreed and wrote his first rap verse in a cold prison cell! Though he developed his gift in a dark place, Joshua now uses it to bring light to other people’s lives.

Learning to rap has developed other gifts and passions in Joshua, such as spoken word,poetry and public speaking. Since then Joshua has been using his craft to make a positive impact. In 2014 he started a Hip Hop Movement at Tyndale University where he held workshops and actually taught students how to rap while showing them how Hip Hop could be a tool to glorify God.

Joshua is all about the heart and often makes music about his deep ponderings on the meaning of life, his faith, his personal experiences, relationships and many other things. Having performed alongside artists like Tech Rhymes, D Pryde and Tory Lanez, Joshua loves to deliver his message with his powerful voice, lyricism, a dynamic fast flow and captivating hooks.

Barbara Lynn Doran

Barbara Lynn Doran is excited to be the opening act for this incredible event. Hailing from Brooklin, Ontario - Barbara is no stranger to the music industry. From a young age, she has had a special connection with music through her family. Barbara found inspiration to her songwriting through bands like the Cranberries, Holly McNarland, and Tori Amos.

Along with recording three albums, she has most notably been placed on the Nashville Songwriters Association’s 2014 “Ones To Watch” list, has been a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition for two years in a row; a finalist in the Great American Songwriting Competition; and was part of the first round ballot nominees in four categories at the inaugural Country Music Association of Ontario Awards.

Shane Cloutier

Spend a moment in his presence and you’ll know it’s a passion that runs deep. Music is in his blood. Originally from Orillia Ontario, singer songwriter Shane Cloutier first picked up a guitar at the age of 12 and never looked back. Shane started out listening to bands like Motorhead, Iron Maiden, and Ozzy Osbourne and he was hooked! Shane pursued his education in music in Toronto before finding his home in Collingwood, Ontario.

Now, with many years immersed in the business performing and writing he brings experience, soul, and a story to everything he creates. In 2012, Shane put out his first album ‘Scars’ for which he received national attention and a place on a movie soundtrack.

Shane’s latest work is a solo acoustic album. When Shane's friend, mentor and guitar legend Frank Marino heard some of Shane's new tracks he hired Shane to play rhythm guitar on Mahogany Rush's future albums. Featuring the first single, “Shape of Me” you won’t want to miss Shane's new album ‘In Light.’


“Toronto Urban Latin ensemble fires up funk fusion!”

This Toronto quartet, brings each member’s diverse musical background to the forefront of their sound, exposing a funky and energetic fusion called RUMBAFUNK.

The word Santerías represents a cultural fusion where dance and music are fundamental ingredients for healing. The heartfelt guitar runs along with beat inducing electric bass while the drums transport the rhythm to funky Latin locales. Sultry vocals breathe out Bossa tales that teasingly take each song to a mysterious musical place occupied exclusively by Santerías.

In Rumbafunk, RUMBA represents the Latin rhythms, Flamenco Rumba, Cuban Rumba, and the element of “fiesta”. And FUNK represents the western rhythms such as Rock, Soul, Jazz, and Funk itself. The fusion of these two rhythms gives birth to Santerias’ Rumbafunk.

Carter Lane

At just 8 years old Carter was already wowing audiences with his singing & guitar playing. Carter has grown his skills and experience over the past 4 years to become a regular on local Ontario stages and at local music festivals. Now at 12 year old his stature as a performer continues to grow daily.

Carter writes infectious sing-along pop music with a positive message in his lyrics. Carter is recording an EP, with 5th Crown Music, of his own material for release in June 2018. Looking towards the fall of 2018 Carter will be working, with his mentor Shane Cloutier, on a full album ahead of touring in Winter 2018 and into 2019.

Catch Carter on 24th June 2018 at the ‘Flavours of the World Festival’. He will be performing his EP including the first single ‘I believe in You’ which is a perfect blend of pop and singer songwriter styles.


Madette is an R&B artist and motivational author, born in the Philippines and raised in Toronto. Her sound is best described as "rugged, smooth and organic soul" and her main influences include Michael Jackson, Sade and Lauryn Hill. Her debut book “Antilogy” offers a raw look into her past coping with mental illness and encourages others in turning their struggles into healthy, creative outlets.

She has written and recorded songs with her 14-piece band, Really Big World, receiving radio airplay across the country, taking their live music to notable stages such as, Nathan Phillips Square, Ontario Place and the Beaches Jazz Festival.

With her passion for music, holistic wellness and advocacy for mental health, she is currently taking her career to the next level through speaking engagements, workshops and performances that both soothe and empower individuals in building their personal resilience.

Alissa Skorik

Alissa’s performance showcases the traditional Indigenous Style Flute and its musical diversity. In her act, Alissa performs contemporary original pieces inspired by traditional indigenous music. Genres she performs in include: Dance, Trance, New Age, Rock and Traditional.

Alissa is a Ukrainian- Canadian flautist. She showcases the Indigenous Style Flute and its musical diversity. In her act, Alissa performs contemporary original pieces with a focus on instrumental pop. She uses prerecorded backing tracks and audio harmonizers to add color to her performance. Just a year after stepping onto the Toronto music scene as an independent artist, Alissa is releasing her E.P ‘Lacuna’ and has played Solo shows at esteemed events such as TEDx and Carassauga.


Are you an artist or craftsperson?

Do you have work that you would like to sell or display?

Are you looking for a new place to share your work and meet more people?

Do you want to introduce your specialty to more people?

Are you looking for a crazy busy and profitable weekend to show off your art or crafts?

Join us on June 23rd and 24th at the Woodbridge Fairground for the first Flavours of Our World Multicultural festival of Food Music and Art.

For more information or to register: email vendors@flavoursofourworld.ca or phone or text: 647-924-8992


Food Vendors

Are you a food vendor?

Are you looking for a new place to share your favourite dishes and meet more people?

Have you got a fusion recipe that people love?

Do you want to introduce your specialty to more people?

Are you looking for a crazy busy and profitable weekend to show off your cuisine?

Join us on June 23rd and 24th at the Woodbridge Fairground for the first Flavours of Our World Multicultural festival of Food Music and Art.

For more information or to register: email vendors@flavoursofourworld.ca or phone or text: 647-924-8992.